breistroff la grande 1


                Parti fascé d'or et d'azur de six pièces, et d'or à l'ours dressé de sable, colleté de gueules.

                A dextre, les armes des Rodemack, à senestre l'ours de l'abbaye de Saint Maximin, tous deux seigneurs du lieu.



Recorded on cards or official documents over the centuries:

BORNSDER – BURNSDORF – PREUSTORFF – BRUNISDORFF (1268) – BISTROFF (1450) –  BRESDORFF (17°s) – BREYSTROFF (1606) – BREISTORFF (1616 – appellation & agrave; the lordship of & nbsp; Rodemack ) – BRENSDORF (1740) – Carte de Cassini = braistroff

CREEK Breistroff-GREAT

The stream flows on the territory of the municipality of Breistroff-la-Grande and r & eacute; unit pr & egrave; s Evange at Boler stream.


Relative to the mill of Boler, that belonged to Lord Rodemack.

Millers of dé era, Pierre et Madeleine, going through a rigorous winter of ann & eacute; e 1713 on the grave of their little Henri death failing to r & eacute; withstand the rigors of the country. Along the way, they were attacked & eacute; s a wolf Hungry & eacute; their obsession with Madeleine then Pierre, which dé was arm & eacute; a branch. While meuni & egrave; re & eacute; d & eacute was j & agrave; & Eacute; fainted and & nbsp; the strength of his & eacute; s lice '& eacute; drew, a cloud of crows cawing fell on the wolf, puncturing his eyes, the spicy everywhere.

This was the miracle. Pierre and thanking God promised to build a magnificent cross to this place.

Since, la forêt a reculé, but you can still see the large cross, The mill is also still visible.


En mars 1987 a farmer Breistroff-la-Grande, François Gravel, discovered in her research terminal engraved on four lines :





Sp & eacute; ists of arch & eacute; & agrave ology concluded; a milestone of the Roman road Metz – Trier (Augustan colony trevirorum, & Quot; A COL & quot; on terminal), built in 83 after J-C


This does not indicate pr & eacute; presence of a village & agrave; This dé era. The furthest we can go, is the period of the Knights Templar. The Order built a chapel on the hill overlooking the valley & eacute; e, a fortified chapel, dominant 30 m & egrave; very village of dé era, (the Knights of the Temple & eacute; was definitely military is rather OCIRC &; t that religious). The dating is not pr & eacute; cise, we only know that the Order was cr & eacute; & eacute; vers1100 apr & egrave; s AD and was banned shortly thereafter & egrave; s 1300 ap J-C.


A new chapel was built in Gothic style instead, including a beautiful choir.


Breistroff belongs to the Lordship of Rodemack.


However, a fief Breistroff depends on the Seignerie La Grange.


The stronghold of Hesp & eacute; Range – au ban the Breistroff – fell within Rodemack and dé was the so & egrave; ge of high court, medium and low. The parish was Usselkirch.


It was a century of war, of & eacute; pid & eacute; mies, the disettes. Breistroff, formerly under the & quot; Three- Evêchés" with and within the bailiwick of Thionville.


Breistroff belongs to the canton of Rodemack, after creating departments, districts et cantons.


The town and its annexes mill Boler and Mausmühl passed in Canton Cattenom.


A second chapel crumbling (they clung Kapelle) : it was then dé molie and its stones were used & agrave; metalling of the road Breistroff – Boler -(Ewingen) Evange.


The dé tat of the chapel is dé deplorable, aussi Breistroff , Boler, Evange dé cid & egrave; rent to build a new, more spacious, summit between Boler and Breistroff. (With rectory, Churchyard, School). The problems & egrave; my financial amen & egrave; rent the & agrave; the restauraion and expansion of the old chapel 1514, whose choir was kept.

1920 – 1940

During the period between the wars, it was the prosperity of the town.

It was based on the distillery then employing 10 % Population (50 People on 500 people), they produced about 1107 hectoliters of pure alcohol, is & agrave; say 237 000 liters of brandy. A pig farm (2000 heads) concerned the rest of the population.


The exodus of 1939 net broke this abundance. The village found neither its population nor its activities with 280 residents have dé sormais tourn & eacute; es to traditional farming and m & eacute; canis & eacute; e.

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